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Updated: Dec 19, 2018

屢得國際室內設計大獎的香港室內設計大師 如下是erin martin

DESIGNERS LTD - HONG KONG Address 30/F Manhattan Place 23 Wang Tai Road Kowloon Bay HK Website Steve Leung Designers Ltd (SLD) was established by Steve Leung, a leading award-winning architect and interior designer, in 1997. Headquartered in Hong Kong, SLD has branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. With over 400 staff including experienced and qualified architects and interior designers, the company is now one of the biggest interior design consultancies in Asia. With Leung at the helm, SLD is dedicated to creating designs that best reflect the projects' characters, whilst taking inspiration from the Asian culture and arts and adding a contemporary touch. Leung was awarded The Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award in 2015 and has won over 130 awards worldwide. As the President-elect in 2015-2017 and President in 2017-2019 of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and Board of Directors of Hong Kong Design Centre, Leung actively promotes education and fosters development in the design industry.

STEVE LEUNG DESIGNERS LTD - 香港香港九龍灣宏泰道23號曼哈頓廣場30樓網址http://www.steveleung.com史蒂夫梁設計師有限公司(SLD)由領先的獲獎建築師史蒂夫梁成立,室內設計師,1997年。SLD總部設在香港,在北京,上海,廣州和成都設有分公司。擁有超過400名員工,包括經驗豐富的合格建築師和室內設計師,該公司現在是亞洲最大的室內設計諮詢公司之一。隨著樑的掌舵,SLD致力於創作最能體現項目特色的設計,同時從亞洲文化藝術中汲取靈感並增添現代感。 Leung於2015年榮獲Andrew Martin國際室內設計師大獎,並在全球贏得了130多個獎項。作為國際室內建築師/設計師聯合會(IFI)和香港設計中心董事會的2015-2017年當選總統和2017-2019年的總裁,梁積極積極推動教育,促進設計行業的發展。

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